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  • How do I book?
    Fill out our inquiry form, we send you a quote, you sign and pay a 50% deposit. Nothing is booked until a deposit has been received.
  • Do you charge hourly?
    Rentals are good any time from 8 AM-Midnight.
  • What if my event is multiple days?
    Instead of charging our full rental price for each day, we have a $75 overnight rental fee for the following day.
  • Can I pick up the letters?
    No. We deliver and set up and come back and tear down. You show us where you want them and we handle the finer details.
  • Can I attach balloons to your marquees?
    Marquees and balloons are a hit together and we even recommend having balloons to compliment them. Please ask for referrals!
  • Can I purchase marquees from you?
    No, we only provide rentals.
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